Make Sure Your Home is Ready to Be Shown When It's on the Market


When selling your home, you want to ensure it always looks its best during a showing. No matter the updates you've made to areas like the roof and plumbing, buyers often prefer homes that look neat and clean, and which feel open and spacious. Note a few tips for ensuring your home is ready to be shown when it's on the real estate market, and discuss these tips with your real estate agent, so you know your home always stands out from the competition.

Open up the closets

Buyers usually want to see roomy, spacious closets with plenty of storage space in every bedroom. If your clothes are all crammed into the closet, the space will seem small, no matter the closet's actual size. Invest in some totes and bins and remove your out-of-season clothes and accessories, and store these under the bed or in an offsite self-storage unit. Do the same for linens you might have stacked in the linen closet, to open up that space as well.

Clean out the garage

Even a very roomy garage can seem crowded and cluttered if you have lots of lawn care equipment, gardening chemicals, and sporting goods. It's time to remove these out-of-season items from the garage as well. If you tend to keep broken things in the garage, assuming you'll get around to repairing them, now is a good time to let go of them. Get a skip bin and toss out all those broken kitchen appliances, flat tyres, tools that no longer work, and everything else in need of repair, so you open up the garage and really show off the space.


Don't overlook your home's curb appeal and the appearance of the backyard when you put your house on the real estate market. Now is a good time to clean out the flowerbeds and tidy up the lawn; you can get a skip bin that is meant for holding landscaping trees and shrubs and remove any that are overgrown or unhealthy. A skip bin can also allow you to toss out broken patio pavers and any old outdoor furniture you have that is unsightly and which detracts from the look of the space. Your real estate agent may even advise you to remove an old awning or gazebo that is rusted, broken, faded, or which is unattractive for any reason, and you can add this to the skip bin as well, making the outdoor space of your home as attractive as the space inside.


15 May 2017

Attractive garbage bins

My husband says I'm little intense, but I like everything in the house to look good and match, even our garbage bins. I have recently redecorated the house and have changed the colour scheme to burnished metals and neutral stone colours from our previous beach themed home. Luckily, these days you can find garbage bins in just about any colour or texture, so even the fussiest of garbage bin owners can find something that matches their decor if they know where to look. This blog has some tips on finding attractive garbage bins in any colour, texture or pattern to match their home decor, along with how you can tell that the bins will suit your waste needs.