Picking the Right Skip Bin to Suit Your Needs


One of the most sensitive elements of running a household, remodelling or construction project is deciding how you will take care of the waste. Poor waste management lands a lot of people in trouble with the local authorities because they do not understand proper and recommended ways to manage and dispose of their waste. Before getting a skip bin rental, it is crucial to always make sure that you understand the rules and regulations and also, to get the right rental for your needs.

Skip Bin Size Specifications

Skip bin sizes are measured in cubic metres. Locally available skip bins come in sizes ranging from 1.5 cubic metres, 3.0 cubic metres and 4.5 cubic metres. The smaller skip bins are ideal for residential waste management, and you can hire them to manage the waste in apartment rentals. The medium and large skip bins are more appropriate for remodelling and construction projects appropriately. When choosing a size, you first have to think about the volume of waste that you will be putting out on a daily basis. Then, you can contact a rental company and ask them how long they take to empty the rentals. These two factors will help you determine the rental that will contain all your waste without overflowing.

The Wastes Allowed inside the Skip Bins

The other crucial consideration to make when choosing skip bins is the waste allowed. There are different rubbish categories for different types of waste. For instance, residential skip bins are ideal for household waste management, furniture, and some electronics. However, consult with the rental company before putting electronics in the household skip bin. Construction skip bins are ideal when you have a remodelling project. They are larger in size and will accommodate wastes such as drywall, wood, counters and other debris from remodelling projects.

The Frequency of Waste Removal

The other factor which determines what skip bins will be ideal to suit your needs is how often the rental company carries out waste removal. Some companies remove waste on a weekly basis while others do it once every two weeks. It is advisable to talk with the company and determine whether you can hold the waste for as long as they take before removal.

There are also certain chemicals and hazardous substances which are not allowed in rental skip bins. The crucial rule to follow is ensuring that you have a list of all the waste types allowed in a skip bin before getting the rental. With competent skip bin rental companies, waste management will be simple and efficient. 


29 November 2019

Attractive garbage bins

My husband says I'm little intense, but I like everything in the house to look good and match, even our garbage bins. I have recently redecorated the house and have changed the colour scheme to burnished metals and neutral stone colours from our previous beach themed home. Luckily, these days you can find garbage bins in just about any colour or texture, so even the fussiest of garbage bin owners can find something that matches their decor if they know where to look. This blog has some tips on finding attractive garbage bins in any colour, texture or pattern to match their home decor, along with how you can tell that the bins will suit your waste needs.