Tips for Hiring a Skip Bin with Door Access for a Home Renovation Project


A home renovation project can create excessive waste and leave the owner overwhelmed. You have to deal with different types of waste, such as wooden off-cuts, old furniture, rubble, soil and old fixtures and fittings. Shrewd homeowners prefer large skip bins with door access to allow for proper collection of waste. Skip bins with doors offer unparalleled convenience because the entrance makes it easier to place more rubbish into the receptacle. This post highlights tips for hiring a skip bin with door access during a home renovation project. 

Barn Door Type -- A barn door is located vertically on the shorter side of a large skip bin. Some skips have doors extending the entire container's entire width, while others have just enough door room to accommodate access using a wheelbarrow. Also, most doors open outwards for ease of access, even when the bin is placed on a driveway. A skip bin with a barn door is ideal for large renovation projects, which require the removal of vast volumes of waste. 

Ramp/Drop Down Door -- As homeowners demand large skip bins, there is a need to consider height instead of length. The reason is that a large skip bin should also fit in small spaces. Regardless of the height, a container should remain easy to load. Therefore, skip bins with drop-down ramps hinged at the bottom of the receptacle guarantees easy access to trolleys and wheelbarrows filled with waste. Hiring a skip with a ramp door is a reasonable proposition because the initial cost of owning one can be high, owing to the maintenance of the ramp door. 

Cutaway End -- Some skip bins are designed with a cutaway end to enable easier access at one end without necessarily going all the way down to provide a doorway. With a cutaway end, you can load heavier items, such as concrete and stones, over the lower end. In addition, such bins are made more robust to account for the force of heavier garbage hitting the floor. Homeowners prefer a cutaway-end skip bin due to its low hiring cost and user-friendly design.  

Pro Tip -- Before hiring a skip bin for a home renovation project, consider crucial factors such as user-friendly access, a fully welded body (for metallic skips) for robustness, heavy-duty design and suitable dimensions. When you consider all these factors, you get value for money and efficiently dispose of your waste. 

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28 June 2021

Attractive garbage bins

My husband says I'm little intense, but I like everything in the house to look good and match, even our garbage bins. I have recently redecorated the house and have changed the colour scheme to burnished metals and neutral stone colours from our previous beach themed home. Luckily, these days you can find garbage bins in just about any colour or texture, so even the fussiest of garbage bin owners can find something that matches their decor if they know where to look. This blog has some tips on finding attractive garbage bins in any colour, texture or pattern to match their home decor, along with how you can tell that the bins will suit your waste needs.