Tips for Hiring a Skip Bin with Door Access for a Home Renovation Project


A home renovation project can create excessive waste and leave the owner overwhelmed. You have to deal with different types of waste, such as wooden off-cuts, old furniture, rubble, soil and old fixtures and fittings. Shrewd homeowners prefer large skip bins with door access to allow for proper collection of waste. Skip bins with doors offer unparalleled convenience because the entrance makes it easier to place more rubbish into the receptacle.

28 June 2021

Picking the Right Skip Bin to Suit Your Needs


One of the most sensitive elements of running a household, remodelling or construction project is deciding how you will take care of the waste. Poor waste management lands a lot of people in trouble with the local authorities because they do not understand proper and recommended ways to manage and dispose of their waste. Before getting a skip bin rental, it is crucial to always make sure that you understand the rules and regulations and also, to get the right rental for your needs.

29 November 2019

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Home Renovation Waste


Construction, demolition and renovation generate huge amounts of waste, and most of this waste won't be taken by your regular garbage removal service. Therefore, you should plan for proper disposal of this waste at the end of your project. Skip bin hire can help you to remove and direct waste to recycling centres or landfills as applicable. This article highlights various types of renovation waste and how to best deal with them.

21 December 2017

Make Sure Your Home is Ready to Be Shown When It's on the Market


When selling your home, you want to ensure it always looks its best during a showing. No matter the updates you've made to areas like the roof and plumbing, buyers often prefer homes that look neat and clean, and which feel open and spacious. Note a few tips for ensuring your home is ready to be shown when it's on the real estate market, and discuss these tips with your real estate agent, so you know your home always stands out from the competition.

15 May 2017

Sensitive Rubbish Disposal: 5 Ways to Safely Dispose of Sensitive Documents


In every home around the world, there's that drawer, cabinet or box filled to overflowing with sensitive documents that no longer serve a purpose. Bills, receipts, bank statements—you name it, they're all there. Once they served as records that helped you to keep track of your daily dealings, but they almost always become useless when the time comes for you to move your business or home. The problem with that lies in disposal.

15 February 2017

Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring Skip Bins for Construction Purposes


Environmental conservation is a collective endeavor because nature's well being is determined by people's choices. Efficient handling of waste is an activity that has a positive impact on the environment. Actualization of such will require proper bins to accommodate refuse. Engaging in construction using the DIY approach as a contractor requires proper handling of waste. For example, environmental laws on waste handling are strict and could cause you litigation issues. Therefore, as a constructor, it is important to ensure that hired skip bins match the specifications of your project.

27 January 2017